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One of the things we really pride ourselves on is our artistry in our work.  Engineering can be a very precise, cut and dry thing.  A great design is a given when we sit down to work on something, equally important is the way we present it.

If we had the most wonderful, thoughtful, well designed system or space, it wouldn’t matter  if the information was not conveyed to the contractor accurately, and clearly.  This is why we put so much importance on that artistry.

Take a look at the examples below. We have erased identifying information so not to embarrass too much. Both drawings come from the same project. We took over the project from another firm here in San Diego. Both drawings convey a similar amount of information, one just shows you way too much and everything is lost in the drawing.  We have specific systems and formulas as to what we show, using multiple sheets, and how that is presented through line thickness, line color, and which way is clear and easily understandable.  If you were a contractor, do you think you could build off the other plans?