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Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the research phase of the project. It usually includes a site visit with the client. It includes evaluating the site from an elevation of 50,000 ft.

General considerations, including grading, permitting, hydrology, and recommendations based on our experience with similar projects. We can memorialize these findings within a Site Investigation Report for your use in your Pro-Forma analysis.


Concept Design

In conceptual design, we take freely available information and start to complile it for your pro-forma and evaluation of proceeding with the project. Our expertise shines in this phase as we look into our experience, and can give reasonable design values, sketches, probable costs, all from a minimal investment.

You won’t need to move forward with a full design to know if it will work.



Entitlements are permits that allow a certain type of development to proceed to Land Development process. This can be a confusing process.

We will work with your planner, to work with each of the representatives at the city to obtain the right approvals in the quickest amount of time.



Site Design gets into the detail-oriented portion of the design, and starts to look at the practical ins and outs of the project.

This includes creating documents or Land Development plans for Site features, grading, utilities, roadways, lighting, erosion control, and landscaping.



Hydrology can quickly become a complex matter. Permits, as a result of the Clean Water Act, and other legislation prevent development within certain zones and riparian corridors.

Stormwater Pollution and Prevention Plans, evaluation of Best Management Practices construction level and permanent are our specialty.

So whether it’s Floodplain Analysis, FEMA permitting, or any hydrology related design problem, we’ve got a solution.


Technical Documents and Studies

Whether its Water and Sewer Studies, or EIR support. Enginuity provides technical studies that are tailored to your project in a clear, concise, and amazingly professional document.


Earthwork Analysis

We are well versed in several Earthwork calculation packages. If you or your contractor do not have a preference, we can help guide your team in determining the right choice for your project. Using 3D modeling software, we can determine the amount of export/import you will need for your project.


LEED Support

We provide LEED support for your LEED Project. We have LEED AP’s on staff, that don’t just have the certification, but have ingrained LEED principals into their design ethos. Why shouldn’t we design in a more cost effective, environmentally responsible, sensitive manner?


Opinion of Probable Cost

We use industry data, our own data, and provide accurate takeoff information to provide our opinion of probable costs for the project.

We are able to break it down into multiple scenarios to best suit your project funding needs.