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I talked to a potential client yesterday who explained his residential project in the City of San Diego.  He asked that we meet out at the site to discuss a new construction of a single family home.  We setup a time, and in anticipation of that meeting, he sent a copy of his drawings for the home.

I took a look at the plans, and elevations, and shook my head.  Thinking He doesn’t need our services on this. It’s pretty straight forward, there might be a minor thing here or there that he may need help with, but he should be able to handle it without my help.  So emailed to let him know.

He called me back relieved and excited.  He explained that he received a proposal from another engineer that had a list of drawings and documents that were needed.  60K worth.  I was floored.  There is always this space of trust where the client does not know as much as the professional that they’re coming to.  For that professional to take advantage and not only charge more than what is fair, but to manufacture items that are needed is just robbery.

This is part of our mantra at Enginuity.  Integrity.  If it runs our business into the ground because we didn’t fool enough people out of their money, so be it.  We’ll close shop.  Until then, we will deliver the best quality design, on time, and on budget.