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A new study from Estey Bomberger sheds light to the top dangerous intersections in San Diego. Weak lighting, blind spots, and poorly maintained roadways and sidewalks have major impacts on the increasing numbers of intersection collisions within the county.

According the Estey Bomberger’s analysis, from 2010-2016, the number of recorded pedestrian collision accidents have jumped as high as 7,589 incidents leaving 430 dead and 7,700 injured. You can find more info about accident lawyers here, to solve your case.

These numbers interpret the severity of these hazardous intersections and hopefully encourage the city to start coming up with ways to make improvements. “We’re hoping that by identifying these intersections that are more dangerous, the city and the county can take a look at these intersections and say ‘what can we do differently with our design?'” said Bomberger. You can learn more on getting legal help in case of an accident and license issue.

We think that adding lighting, and traffic calming prior to the approach to the intersection can help, and round abouts are shown to decrease direct side impact “T” type accidents. Although an uncommon practice in the United States, it is becoming more prevalant, and San Diego may be a good test case for intersections like these. Make sure you are getting maximum compensation in case you are in an accident.

Map measuring pedestrian accidents in San Diego County. (Image courtesy of: Estey Bomberger Study)

Via: cbs8 News