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There’s a new trend in technology that is quickly enhancing and reshaping the way our projects are constructed and completed. Experiencing a labor shortage in the construction industry, companies and firms are looking for other options to enhance productivity.

Suffolk introduced Smart Labs and a new type of technology called the CAVE. With the use of Virtual Reality headsets, engineers, architects, designers, contractors, clients, etc. can view projects in a new perspective by using simulations of construction projects. This increases work productivity in phases such as, planning, designing, and construction. “We believe our Smart Labs are on the front lines of an industry disruption that will change the way buildings are designed and built, and we are excited to reinforce a culture of invention and curiosity – both in our own people and within the industry.” – Suffolk Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer Chris Mayer.

With a new productive way of project collaboration, the design team can assess and identify challenges during the pre-construction phase. With these new enhancements and technologies, less errors will be made. Mistakes that do occur along the way, will be resolved quicker. Bigger bonus… less money spent for unnecessary costs such as miscalculations or accidental inaccuracies.

Another interesting piece of technology introduced is the job site security program. This seems to currently be in the works, but is a new and exciting innovation. This will include features on a construction site such as facial recognition to see who is on the job site as well as personal geotagging on equipment to ensure job safety.

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