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On Friday March 24 th, Del Sur Elementary School had their Annual Science day. I had the opportunity to talk about what Civil Engineering is. Most people outside of the development world don’t know what Civil is, so explaining it to some wide eyed (or sleeping) kids is always fun.

I keep it general obviously, and it is so fun to watch the light turn on. After they get some basic concepts of mapping, birds eye view, and what design is, they’re off to the races. I had some real world applications and projects that we’re working on currently (free child labor) to help design some utility runs.

We then had a blank canvas of a property line, and had them design whatever they wanted. A shopping mall, a park, a baseball field. We wanted them to think about what they would need in support of what they were developing. Parking spaces, walkways, utilities, or landscaping. It really got the creativity flowing, and it’s so much fun to see the designs they come up with. Hint: City Planners, kids like lots of parks. Each of their designs were so well thought out, and so impressed. Thanks Del Sur Elementary for the opportunity!