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A team of The Boring Company, some of which are Space X engineers, team up to create a new approach to transportation. With our highly-dense traffic issues, the Boring Company creates an innovative approach, underground travel.

Check out the video below where CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, explains their solution to city travel.

We have always thought about flying cars to alleviate our transportation issues. Elon Musk thinks that we can do more underground than we could ever do from above; by digging as many tunnels as we possibly can. “Flying cars don’t exist while underground tunnels do exist” states Elon Musk’s partner.

Ideas such as the LOOP ad HYPERLOOP are proposed underground transit stations created by Boring Company. The LOOP would be a mass transit that could hold up to 16 passengers for a fee as low as $1. The LOOP is being made to reach electric speeds up to 150mph and have stations as small as a single parking space.

The HYPERLOOP is another idea in the making that can hold up to 16 passengers at 700 mph where passengers who are traveling from LA could reach their San Francisco destination in only a short 39 minutes. This would be a fully electric pressurized pod within a vacuumed tunnel to allow such high speeds.

Their goal on the construction of these revolutionary underground transit systems is to have zero environmental impact and are working with the city of Los Angeles, their pilot city, in every way that they can. They explain that due to drilling underground, people that live in a city won’t be disrupted and that going below the metro tunnels would avoid confrontation with the current metro system.

Other benefits of building a 3D solution downward is that it wouldn’t change the city’s layout, the underground level is unlimited when it comes to vacant space, it will be completely weather resistant and earthquake resistant and it will not be noticeable by minimizing sound impacts.

A by product of the tunneling process is that Boring Company has also created a new brick that consists of recycled construction dirt and a small amount on concrete. Versus regular cinder blocks, Boring Company claims that their blocks are more durable, stronger, affordable, can take extremely high loads and can be utilized in the development of affordable housing.