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Los Angeles’ Sixth Street Viaduct/Bridge was first introduced to us in Grand Theft Auto.  While it’s not the George Washington, or Brooklyn Bridge, it is one rife with history, mostly cinematic history.  It’s a place all very familiar to us from the movies.  The bridge is degrading because of the alkali silica reaction from using the local water for the concrete mixture.  Caltrans estimates that there is a 70 percent chance of the bridge falling during a major earthquake.

The concrete channel is to be restored to a mostly original natural condition as well.  This project starts soon, and while we agree it’s all the right thing to do, we enjoy the fact that there is some attachment to what is just formed concrete.  It’s a special place, one that won’t be forgotten from all the movies that were filmed there.  We’re excited to see it’s replacement and welcome it into a new era.

An excellent article is posted over at City Lab. See below for the link.


Library of Congress