WhatsApp Predicting Deadly Mudslides

WhatsApp is now being utilized as a tool to help predict potential landslides in Medellin City, Colombia. The local community is partnering with Scottish Universities and being trained by a multi-skilled team of engineers, planners, geologists and architects to learn how to identify early warning signs of landslides as well as monitor water ingress. Approximately […]

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Coastal Engineering Wave Tank

Here is an interesting video on Coastal Engineering wave tank and how different methodologies are used in protecting manmade structures along coasts.

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Changing the Chemistry of Cement

Limestone in traditional cement recipes are releasing more than .05kg (.11lbs) of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere for every 1kg (2.20lbs) of cement. The releases of the carbon dioxide levels are responsible for approximately 5% of global CO2 emissions, double the amount produced from the aviation industry.    A handful of cement production companies are trying […]

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