Rising Sea Levels & Urban Planning

With rising water levels, cities are developing innovative approaches for urban planning to protect neighborhoods who are most vulnerable to flooding. To tackle one of the largest outcomes of climate change, rising sea levels, architects, urban planners and engineers around the world are designing solutions. Boston is the latest US city to take action. The […]

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Women in Construction

“The traditional labor pool of young, white men who are the children of construction workers does not exist anymore. They went to college,” University of Massachusetts Labor Resource Center Director of Research Susan Moir said. With less men on the work site, women are beginning to take lead. Men are stepping into different career paths […]

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New Technology – Better Job Sites

There’s a new trend in technology that is quickly enhancing and reshaping the way our projects are constructed and completed. Experiencing a labor shortage in the construction industry, companies and firms are looking for other options to enhance productivity. Suffolk introduced Smart Labs and a new type of technology called the CAVE. With the use […]

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Nature Knows Best

Here is a great video demonstrating the importance of taking nature and biomimicry into consideration within design concepts. Mimicking natural elements in our designs, creates an organic flow. It is important to consider the natural design of the elements around us. As simple as understanding why the beak of a bird may be shaped a […]

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