Engineering in Warfare

Here’s a cool little article on how engineering affected warfare as far back as the Ottoman Empire. Engineers used their intellect to help a besieged town. Take a quick read after the break. While we don’t offer services to besieged castles, we do offer Site, Grading, and Utility engineering which involves digging. Is that close […]

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Section of CA Hwy 1 Falls into the Ocean

Check out these great images of before and after a landslide occurred at Hwy. 1 the Coast Highway. It’s a magnificent stretch of roadway, that is now going to take months to dig out. We frequent the highway when we can on trips up to San Francisco. See the attached article for more detail. We’re […]

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Painting is fun!

Here’s a quick post. We usually deal with parking lot design, and a big part of that design is actually the striping and how everything lays out in a parking lot. We look at safety for vehicles and pedestrians, efficiency both in maximizing the amount of  parking spaces without sacrificing patron’s vehicles doors from dings […]

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