It’s a Portal to another Dimension!

Check out this spillway in action at Lake Berryessa in Napa County California. As you may already know, California is receiving an atmospheric river of precipitation. The spillway on this dam kicks in like a bathtub drain. The outlet is at the bottom of the dam to the Putah creek. It looks like they needed […]

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Urban Planning and Walkability

Great little TED talk by Jeff Speck about the importance of planning and things that can be changed to make a city more walkable. We like the insights into properly planning these spaces and how major shifts in thinking have affected walkablilty. Jeff Speck: 4 ways to make a city more walkable – Via TED

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City Layouts

You can tell a surprising amount from a city’s street layout. Here’s a cool breakdown on some famous cities. Geoff breaks down the reasons behind the different shapes, and offers unique insight into how these blocks and streets came to be. Square-Mile Street Network Visualization – Geoff Boeing

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BAM! Brogan.

Update article on the Hyperloop. Can’t wait to zoom to the east coast in 4 min. from San Diego. A Star Engineer Just Launched His Own Hyperloop Outfit, ‘Arrivo’ – WIRED.

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Rolling with the collision

Hitting a guard rail is no fun, but this company has come up with a guardrail system that transfers all that kinetic energy into rotational energy to help reduce the impact of the initial collision. Forgive the uplifting new age music that is juxtaposed to a violent automobile crash.

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