San Diego Adopts Urban Forestry Program

San Diego adopts Urban Forestry Program to increase our tree canopy from 13% to 35% over the next 20 years. Trees have significant impact on our lives, and in a Civil Engineering sense, our stormwater, storm water runoff and water quality. See more after the break. San Diego Urban Forestry Increase – Via San Diego […]

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Viral Roads!

This video is going viral, and no one really knows why. Perhaps it’s the fascination of not seeing a road built before your eyes. It is usually associated with orange cones and traffic, but from this drone footage, it all seems to look like a timelapse being built. Check it out! We won’t judge if […]

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Increasing Concrete Strength by busting Molecules?

The people over at wired have a cool article on our favorite material, concrete. Don’t worry glass, aluminum and asphalt, we love you guys too. Concrete by far is one of the most ubiquitous building materials, and has been. One thing we learned is that cement production contributes 3.5% of US emissions. Using less stronger concrete […]

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