White House Weighs in on Parking

Really, is this a national problem? Really it is. We’re waiting for our spotlight. Jason Bourne type Civil Engineer designing while beating back the bad guys. We digress. Interesting read on how mandatory parking spaces as part of city developments are getting a second look, how cities are trying to discourage vehicle use, and what […]

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Survey oops.

If you happen to be in New York City, maybe you want to take a look at the smallest property in the city. Located near the village a small plot of land was improperly surveyed by the city and the original owner did not want to convey to the city. So he let everyone know […]

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Not what it’s intended for, but what the hell…

We don’t recommend doing this. But wow, it looks fun. We’ll need to be sure to oversize the pipes on our next culvert design so we can build more of these! Who has a Kayak we can borrow? Click the link below to check out the video. Dailypicsandflicks

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Discrimination by Design

Pro Publica has a very interesting and well researched article on how discrimination can manifest itself in the design of our cities and neighborhoods. It also references another great article on attn that goes into greater depth on their analysis of how discrimination can manifest itself in planning and design. While we do not agree […]

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