The Atlantic – Civil Profile

The Atlantic has an interesting profile of Eileen Velez-Vega, a Civil Engineer heading up the design team at Kimley-Horn Puerto Rico. She talks about being a woman in a male dominated field. As part of Civil Engineering field anticipated to grow 8 percent over the next 10 years, We hope that our field becomes more diverse […]

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End of Civil Engineering is nigh

  A big fear of many is the replacement of our jobs by automation or inexpensive means. Robots, computers, offshore call centers. As an individual that would like to protect your source of income, economics professors always tell us that in order to protect our positions, we should be part of the highly skilled workforce. More training, more […]

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The Devil is in the Details

It’s a busy time in our industry right now. A lot of people that I run into in the Architecture, Engineering Construction community (AEC) are humming along working on multiple projects and doing their best in bringing and completing as much work as they can, us included. I’ve noticed a phenomenon however, that with the […]

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City of San Diego Fined 4.6 million for Erosion Control

The City of San Diego has been fined by the regional board for non compliance on erosion and sedimentation control measures being in place for impacted watersheds. This is a major fine that will have ramifications; not only for the City of San Diego, but other local cities, and the county for future developments and for […]

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