A road printer?

Check out the attached “road printer” from Road Paving Systems in the Netherlands. The terms “road” and “printer” are used loosely here, it looks like a paver and brick installation device.  While the idea of being able to just spit out paver/brick roadways similar to a mouse click in Sim City, is probably every Civil Engineers dream, doesn’t […]

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Dirt that behaves like a liquid?

Take a look at the video below to see a saturated soil in a liquid state.  This phenomenon is liquefaction. When certain soils (granulated/sandy) become saturated with water, it behaves like a liquid (see infographic).  Imagine putting a structure on this, and then imagine an earthquake. It doesn’t bode well for the structure. Geotechnical analysis […]

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SMPS Weekly Update – New Member Spotlight

We just recently joined SMPS San Diego and was featured as part of their weekly email in the New Member Spotlight. Thanks SMPS!

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ASCE files report seeking increased funding

ASCE looks to increase spending on American infrastructure that is at the end of its designed useful life. Anyone have a few tillion laying around? http://blogs.wsj.com/economics/2016/05/10/civil-engineers-find-trillion-dollar-infrastructure-funding-gap/

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