We learn more from our mistakes than our successes

Here is a great Civil engineering lessons learned infographic generated by the folks over at the Russ College of Engineering at Ohio University. This is very well done piece of work! You can find the original page here.

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Building Bridges…

…is not only a metaphor here, it’s a reality that connects communities.  This is the stuff that excites us like no other.  Practical engineering, real architecture.  The whole community coming together to make the raw materials, and build something that they find useful, and it is a labor of love.  It’s a beautiful sight. We […]

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We heart geofabrics!

We agree with initiatives to promote the use of geofabrics. There are a growing amount of products that each have a unique and specific application that even geotechnical engineers are having a hard time keeping up with.  This is timely and appropriate.  Check out the article at the link. Link

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The world, it’s a changin’

Los Angeles’ Sixth Street Viaduct/Bridge was first introduced to us in Grand Theft Auto.  While it’s not the George Washington, or Brooklyn Bridge, it is one rife with history, mostly cinematic history.  It’s a place all very familiar to us from the movies.  The bridge is degrading because of the alkali silica reaction from using […]

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Civil Engineering Gamer

If you’re a gamer, and you love Civil Engineering, why not give this game a try?  We’ll reserve judgement. While we’re excited about our jobs, we’re not sure that everyone else is going to be equally as excited.  Who knows? Maybe they pull it off! Link

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Civil Engineering Demand Expected to rise

We’re excited to be part of such a dynamic and growing industry!  Chron.com is reporting that the US Department of Labor and Statistics expected demand for Civil Engineers is expected to rise 27 percent by the year 2022.  We have a lot of responsible building to do! Let’s get to work! Link

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