This is pretty much my #1 pet peeve in Civil Design.  This is a cultural difference between design methodologies from east coast to west coast.  It is so ubiquitous in San Diego, you’d think there’s only one designer in the whole county placing these wherever they can squeeze one in.  I think they came about […]

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Guinness + Civil Design = Oops.

So the rule of thumb for a vertical profile is not to have a change of grade greater than 8%. So in this case, they should have had a vertical curve, or the grading ramp up more before the cut of the driveway.  The designer in this case didn’t, and is now on the leader […]

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Tenets of Site Design

As I drive around San Diego county, I usually get my feathers all ruffled with things that I see wrong.  There are certain tenants that I adhere to when designing, and while I don’t expect everyone to design the same way, I do expect that designers keep the safety and convenience of the end users as the first priority.  Unfortunately, […]

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What’s a BMP?

I know what you’re thinking. I know what a BMP is!  It’s that awesome format that I used to save my artwork from Microsoft Paint in Windows 95!  Unfortunately, no.  Well sort of.  In the context of Civil Engineering, it’s referring to Best Management Practice. Seeing as how it’s a bit rainy today in San […]

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Welcome! To the EnginuityConsulting Blog.  My name is Zubin, and I am the President and CEO of Enginuity Consulting.  We are a Civil Engineering Consulting firm based in San Diego, California.  We specialize in Civil site engineering and Land Development.  If you want more details on our services, please visit our site. When first presented with the idea […]

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